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Since 2016 Scooter Rentals companies in Australia  started emerging to provide scooters for hire to newly arrived students so that they could earn money by working in the food  delivery industry in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Scooters for Hire was established by Hindi speaking motorcycle  enthusiasts to provide reliable rental scooters to students of all nationalities.

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Scooters are available for rent to all student visa holders who hold a valid motorcycle license because we encourage them to earn an income while studying in Australia. Late model scooters are available for rent in all suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne and they can sometimes be delivered to your home. We inform riders how to familiarise themselves with the Australian road rules via an online practice test because we care about our customers.

Our 125 cc scooters range from the Kymko Super 8 twin shock model to the new 2019 Sym classic Vespa style bike and a helmet is included. 

Unlimited use of the scooter for work or personal use is included as well as all the servicing.  Flexible bond and competitive rental rates are available depending on the rider?s financial position on a case by case basis.

More information is available upon texting or calling this dynamic scooter rental company seven days a week. An appointment must be made before visiting this office because scooters have to be organised from the warehouse for delivery.

Scooter rental for food delivery

Research indicates that the most cost effective way to transport  

prepared food in cities like Sydney and Melbourne is via rental  

scooters because of the low financial entry for the scooter riders who are a core part of the growing prepared food delivery industry. The financial limitations of newly arrived students who account for ninety percent of the scooter rental customers are taken into account when calculating the discounted weekly rental rate and bond payable for the motorcycle.

The weekly cost of renting a scooter in Australia for the purpose of  learning an income in the  food delivery industry is easily offset by the wages earned within the first day. The cost of filling up the petrol tank of a scooter is about $8.00 because it only has a five lite capacity as they are fuel efficient.

Students and travellers with a valid license can now secure employment relatively easily in the food delivery business by hiring a 125 cc scooter and delivering food for the big four food delivery companies. 

Scooter rental companies can take care of the registration and upkeep of the scooter in exchange for a modest weekly or monthly rental fee. 

The rental scooters can also be used for general commuting because they are a cheap form of environmentally friendly transportation to explore beautiful cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Commuting to college on a rental scooter in Sydney can also save a lot of time that would be otherwise wasted on public transport. People wanting to rent a scooter can try it out for a week because the rental costs are relatively cheap ranging from $16.95 to $25.00 a day depending on whether the scooter is hired for a week or for a longer term, such as month. A small bond is required to cover any damage to the scooter and insurance is usually only third party. The food delivery industry is using scooters, cars and bicycles, however the bicycles are easy to steal and cars attract parking fines a lot quicker than a scooter which does not need to purchase a parking ticket when parked as car requires making scooters even more cost effective.

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By appointment only. Please call before coming because we have to organise the scooter to be here from the warehouse before you come.

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